Bounce Rate Tips – Know Your Audience

In the past years, there has been an incredible rise in the use of the Internet, leading to a rise in various websites and pages coming up for audiences. These websites and pages could be related to different areas of work. It could be a site of online shopping, college, company or a page producing content. All the websites are for audiences, but do you know how engaged are your audiences to your websites. If not, then there is Google Analytic Tool known as Bounce Rate that will help you to get familiar with this data. What is Bounce Rate?… Read More

How to Get Your Site to Rank Well on Search Engines

Search engine optimization has become a process that is as much art as it is science. We have a basic idea of what can help us rank better, but the search engines guard their ranking factors quite closely. Google, for example, will tell us that high-quality content is necessary to improve the page rank. When it comes to the exact keyword percentages, though, Google is close-lipped. Search engines do this to make it harder for spammy websites to manipulate the system. Their reluctance to share more information is understandable, but that doesn’t help legitimate businesses trying to get the best… Read More

Duplicate Content for eCommerce SEO – Solving Issues surrounding duplicate content on e-commerce site

Duplicate & low-quality content has become a common issue for E-commerce websites. And if it doesn’t handle appropriately then it gets worse. You possibly will end up replicating huge sections of your website without even knowing it, resulting in the degradation of your search engine visibility. Search engines now become more complicated, they are considering the websites with high quality and unique content for indexation. In this guide, we’ve dug into the duplicate content Issues usually found on an e-Commerce website. But initially, you need to understand what duplicate content is & why does it matter for your e-commerce website?… Read More