About Jaydip

Hey there, what’s up? Let’s talk a little bit about Jaydip here.

Jaydip has 15+ years experience in Sales u0026amp; Marketing and 7+ years in Digital Marketing.

He started the Digital Marketing Agency Tej Sol Pro and has managed digital marketing for many brands in India u0026amp; abroad, Eventually it became part of Infibeam. After Infibeam Jaydip founded Adventure Unlimited Managment Pvt. Ltd.

Jaydip is ranked as one of the top social media influencers in India. He’s highly networked in the community and has started many community initiatives in the space including a training institute for digital marketing. His latest initiative being #SEOTalk – India’s first u0026amp; only twitter chat about SEO u0026amp; Digital Marketing.

Trivia: Jaydip is followed on twitter by the likes of Narendra Modi, Barack Obama, Guy Kawasaki and brands like Starbucks among 30+  odd verified twitter accounts.

I am a social person

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